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Aw Akaare Aa

Director: Subas Das

English (subtitled), 90 min, 2003, India

'Aw Aakare Aa' has tried to express the pain and agony of children entrapped inside the four walls of our present education system. This fiction film is the story of a school teacher and her attempts to reform the system in vain. Refusing to compromise, she finally resigns and starts her own school to translate her ideas into reality.

Subject: Development, Education, Fiction, Gender, School Systems


Awards and Screenings

Winner of the National Award, as well as seven State Awards (for story, production, direction, editing, sound recording, child artiste and supporting actress);

Also screened at the Children's World Section of the 13th Golden Elephant, International Children's Film Festival 2003 at Hyderabad;
9th International Film Festival at Jamshedpur (Children's section);


Om Films

Creative Crew

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Subas Das / Cinematography: Jugal Debata / Editing: Gadadhar Puty / Music: Bidyadhar Sahu / Art Direction: Subas Sahu / Actors: Adyasha Mohapatra, Debu Bose, Diptimayee Panda & others

Territory: INDIA

Prices (India)
VCD: Rs. 400 | DVD: Rs. 600
DVD: Rs. 900
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